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Experience the magic of Tomorrowland this summer with bonsai!

Download the bonsai app now and surrender to the mesmerising beats, immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere and create memories to last a lifetime.

Experience Tomorrowland like never before with bonsai!


Incredible Saturday Experience

Want to experience the magic at Tomorrowland yourself? Thanks to the bonsai app that’s a piece of cake. The only thing that’s stopping you now is the tiebreaker! 🎪

Download it now !


Full Madness Experience 

bonsai offers you the ultimate Tomorrowland experience! Take up the challenge, go to the app now and answer the tiebreaker. It’s that simple.

Download it now !

drink icon

Free drink to celebrate Tomorrowland

Enjoy a free drink at the Belgian Beer Bar! Download the bonsai app and claim your reward in-app to join the celebration. Cheers to 20 years!

Download it now !